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Creating a design based on personal preferences or one tailored to your requirements?

We examine if focusing on your requirements or desires is the most effective approach to maximize the outcomes of your design endeavors.

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The ongoing dilemma of prioritizing function or form has yet to reach a conclusive resolution. Thus, it is essential to examine both aspects thoroughly.


In the realm of creative professions, particularly within the advertising and marketing sectors, the emphasis on form has been substantial. The appearance and ambiance frequently take precedence as the initial, intermediate, and ultimate factors to be evaluated. In mediums where creating a visual impact is of paramount importance, it is common to encounter designs that favor aesthetics over practicality.


In designs aimed at fostering interaction and eliciting a specific response from the consumer, functionality is often emphasized. For instance, in a brochure, this may involve completing a form, responding to a call to action, or keeping the brochure for later use. The crux of the matter is that the intended action takes precedence over the aesthetic appeal.


The most significant concern is not whether to prioritize form or function, as making a choice is an integral aspect of the process, with both options addressing the user's requirements. Difficulties emerge when the interests of other parties, such as the designer, the client, or other stakeholders, interfere with or weaken the user's needs. The moment your design becomes chiefly influenced by your personal preferences, it starts losing relevance to the end user. Designing a logo, brand, or corporate identity based on your own likes may prove ineffective, as it might not achieve its intended purpose unless your customers have identical profiles and preferences to you.

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Coincidentally, creating designs solely on the basis of your requirements may not lead to the most effective outcome. When the functionality entirely overrides a design project's aesthetics, it can miss out on showcasing the numerous advantages that appearance and ambiance can provide. The structure of any design endeavor plays a crucial role in conveying implied characteristics and benefits.


In life and design alike, equilibrium is crucial. Expert designers dedicate their careers to refining and enhancing their capacity to strike a balance between the aesthetics and practicality of a specific design task. They excel in integrating your individual tastes into a design that acknowledges them without being dominated by them. The primary objective is to produce a project that satisfies both aspects while consistently prioritizing the requirements of the end user.

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When your designer incorporates their own tastes or those of their employer, it is crucial to scrutinize their methodology. Expert designers must never allow their individual inclinations to influence the design; the User should consistently be the primary focus. Prioritizing anyone other than the User may result in suboptimal project outcomes or, in extreme cases, total failure. A user-centric design will invariably accomplish its objectives.

For a brand to achieve success, it is crucial to maintain a harmony between aesthetics and practicality while remaining wholly committed to the end user. Failure often occurs when brands neglect the user's requirements and inclinations and begin pursuing trends or style. If there is doubt regarding your brand's direction, it may be beneficial to conduct a brand evaluation or analysis to confirm that it continues to represent your fundamental principles and objectives.


The key takeaway from the aforementioned information, besides the emphasized necessity for equilibrium between aesthetics and practicality, lies in the significance of a comprehensive brief, founded on a profound comprehension of the requirements. Without a precise understanding of the target audience and the desired actions, it is crucial to reevaluate the brief and elucidate these aspects. Only with this clarity can one anticipate achieving the essential balance for the design project to prosper.

Should you be interested in discussing your branding needs with us and the optimal ways to address them, we invite you to connect with us today!

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