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The Process

TBC: The Brand Craft


At the initial meeting, the client tells us about their business & specific branding needs which helps in crafting the strategy. 



With all the intel gathered from our initial encounters, we launch a comprehensive in-house research to develop a strategic roadmap that would bring us towards the perfect look and feel for the organization.


Story Development

The narrative a brand tells is more powerful than ever before. This tale has the potential to create an advantageous link between consumers, regardless of whether they're part of a generation that posts 'selfies' on Instagram or are health-conscious adults, between businesses and their offerings. When told right, it can propel any company's strategy to success.



Having identified the brand's narrative and persona, our ambition is to craft a visual language that stands out and reflects its core identity. We strive to produce assets that capture not just its current spirit but also anticipate how it will develop in the future.


Presentation & Approval

Once we have the identities solidified, it's time to showcase them to the client. We will go through our display of options and thoughtfully explain our strategic approach, enabling the client to easily choose the ideal branding solution for their business.

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